WLFC Members

WLFC’s membership year runs from July 1-June 30. During July when membership applications and renewals are being processed, our membership roster may appear low and not be current. This is temporary and the WLFC membership roster should be current before the end of July. Thank you in advance for your patience.

The following members have renewed for the 2017-18 membership year. To renew your membership, please click here.

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Renee Amlinc34b5ccd-5e8d-401f-aeef-9f1e3c6ee521
Marcelle Rose Anthony, J.D., LL.M.57b41d87-90d2-42b6-ad16-93c2ffd7273e
Eimear Bahnsonad26f1b2-4138-4d98-9f0f-31d47a67bd98
Belinda S. Barnes7779c55d-702c-4817-9379-04441e7ac76e
Joanne S. Beasy7bc43bd7-dfbe-4b00-8808-495b61bee5fb
Victoria E. Beckmanab9178ea-0b27-4017-ac8b-4301157ee490
Hannah L. Botkin-Doty4029431e-03f1-4dea-a2b6-12a704d7222f
Kristie A. Campbellc9c6e08f-c3d5-421f-b9bb-1717fcbfb9d5
Michelle L. Casper7dcfead0-26fa-439a-bb9d-def897b4ea22
Chenee Castruita031c7449-c723-4351-b379-52968d06cedd
Shirley A. Cochran5c6aa969-7058-4fe9-9f26-a661cf98597d
Jessica R. Doogan7c829e26-3c5c-43c5-a9b3-7649b96c4ab2
Eleni A. Drakatos6c175c1d-a27c-4ccd-aba3-0ae9bfd92683
Christine M. Duraneyc06ed11c-b83a-401c-bef0-5104d7598d2f
Lisa L. Eschleman1bf968bc-afa4-4a12-9c28-deadd04bbd30
Johnna M. Evans536f0027-9034-459d-b9cc-0fd8a76d2c66
Caroline Eversmanf69098fc-1959-423c-a631-96837134dee3
Suzanne M. Fisher-Edwards2f0a65da-3a8e-4dc6-826a-ad1483fe73e3
Jane Gleaves1e81809a-47fd-4544-ad27-11ba46e6e650
Sarina Glick6536043f-b0f2-484b-8d71-5b44160dd993

2017-18 Board of Trustees

President: Katrina Thompson
President-Elect: Katherine "Kitty" Ivan
Secretary: Rachel Sabo
Treasurer: Gina Piacentino
Trustee at Large: Megan Gonzalez
Immediate Past President: Ashley Oliker

Committee Chairs

We are in the process of filling our Committee Chair positions for the 2017-2018 membership year. If interested in increasing your participation in the organization, please contact Katrina Thompson at katrina.thompson@btlaw.com.

WLFC Member Roster

WLFC Past Presidents