WLFC Members

WLFC’s membership year runs from July 1-June 30. During July when membership applications and renewals are being processed, our membership roster may appear low and not be current. This is temporary and the WLFC membership roster should be current before the end of July. Thank you in advance for your patience.

The following members have renewed for the 2017-18 membership year. To renew your membership, please click here.

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Renee Amlinc34b5ccd-5e8d-401f-aeef-9f1e3c6ee521
Alexis Apparicio50a6cb78-c8fe-405d-a849-cebb95d51d1c
Lesley Armoura715b71d-09c3-49a4-be54-8876fcd33316
Victoria E. Beckmanab9178ea-0b27-4017-ac8b-4301157ee490
Sarah Miller Benoit0551dcf2-d08f-41c8-93f3-d3111313852b
Mary Therese Bridge533e6bf3-4169-4fa6-b6e5-a726f11c74cc
Kristin J. Bryant7b01d62c-eec8-44ee-b21d-c8a36728cc27
Eleni A. Drakatos6c175c1d-a27c-4ccd-aba3-0ae9bfd92683
Mary S. Duffeyf2891497-f503-4872-9422-6266a0e6420c
Caroline Eversmanf69098fc-1959-423c-a631-96837134dee3
Carol Ann Feyd84c5eee-0a30-4863-80e7-e9d49bf6b6c4
Katja Garvey7a86cc02-c305-43d3-9f09-e91c562e58e8
Dinu Godage67eb7de4-f34c-45d8-9ec3-509d49859fad
Seulgi Hana5a17ff1-e403-4e7e-aac1-58b8bf19b661
Emalea Helisekc9651900-b88c-4195-9939-cb5081c9400d
Lucy Higgins7239fb9a-6321-499e-ad3d-11d90a0f88b1
Caitlyn Nestleroth Johnson7dd18889-e5b0-406c-ae16-382815a8574d
Nicole S. Maxwellb0e56fdf-bb22-4d54-9800-d0644dabd4d4
Adriann McGee6e39b8f1-dcd0-4776-9a7e-283c9f17455b
Lia Meehan323ba7ca-10cf-4702-adfa-1e7f588698a3

2017-18 Board of Trustees

President: Katrina Thompson
President-Elect: Katherine "Kitty" Ivan
Secretary: Rachel Sabo
Treasurer: Gina Piacentino
Trustee at Large: Megan Gonzalez
Immediate Past President: Ashley Oliker

Committee Chairs

Bylaws: Michalea Delaveris
Community Service: Ann Hancock
Data & Information Historian: Ashley B. Watson
Diversity: Hannah Botkin-Doty
Events: Jenny Schiller & Meghna Rao
Judicial Campaign/Legislative Action: Jolene Griffith
Law School Liaison: Bridjette Brown
Membership: Lisa Messner
Networking: Lori Keating
Public Relations: Lia Meehan
Social Media: Kailee Goold
Student Representative: Kimberly Despas (Ohio State University)
Student Representative: Sara Valentine (Capital University)
Women in the Profession: Celia Kilgard

WLFC Member Roster

WLFC Past Presidents